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H2O+ Oasis Moisturizers & MiLi Moisture Meter Review

The H2O+ Beauty Oasis Hydrating Treatment and Ultra Hydrating Cream have quickly become staples in my skincare routine, so obviously I had to share with you all. For this review, I did a MiLi Moisture Meter challenge for five days to test if my skin retained more moisture and by how much after use of the Ultra Hydrating Cream.

Before we dive into the review, you might be wondering,

What is H2O+ Beauty? And more importantly, what is a MiLi Moisture Meter?!

H2O+ Beauty is a skincare brand that combines the latest skin care technology with their products to maximize pure water’s hydrating powers.

Never heard of them? You may have used their products if you’ve stayed at Walt Disney World® hotels and cruise ships, as H2O+ Beauty is Walt Disney Parks & Resorts’ exclusive amenities line. I was first introduced to their brand in January 2017 at ipsy’s Generation Beauty Los Angeles and it’s been happily ever after.

Ok, cool. We get it. H2O+ is awesome. Tell me more about this MiLi Moisture Meter thing.

The MiLi Moisture Meter is a device that assesses your skin’s moisture levels in five seconds and synchronizes the data into a chart on the free MiLi Pure app.

Welcome to the future. Not only does the app have four separate charts so you can keep track of moisture levels in your face, eyes, neck, and hands, but it also has a section that shows beauty news and skincare tips! So convenient! Each device also comes embedded with a Swarovski® Crystal to satisfy your bougie needs.

MiLi Moisture Meter Challenge

The Ultra Hydrating Cream states that it’s “clinically proven to double skin moisture,” so I put this moisturizer to the test. For five days, I used the MiLi Moisture Meter to assess my face’s moisture level each morning after applying the Ultra Hydrating Cream. The first day, I tested my face before applying moisturizer to calculate my starting hydration level, a solid 24% aka DRY. By the end of the week, my moisture level jumped to a hydrated 42.8%! HYDRATED! I was amazed how quickly I saw results.

You can learn more about the challenge, MiLi Moisture Meter, and see my results in my H2O+ OASIS SKINCARE REVIEW AND MILI MOISTURE METER CHALLENGE video below.

H2O+ Beauty Oasis moisturizers have a fresh scent that resemble being kissed by an ocean breeze.

Your skin will love the Ultra Hydrating Cream and Hydrating Treatment because they’re made without

  • parabens,
  • mineral oils,
  • and phthalates!

For those of you with oily skin, like me, you’ll be glad to know these moisturizers do not leave your skin looking more oily or enhance your inner greaseball! In fact, both moisturizers are great under makeup, as they leave your skin with a smooth base for your foundation to glide on. As someone with acne-prone skin, I can affirm these products did not break me out at all. Upon use, your skin will feel

  • fresh,
  • hydrated,
  • and dewy.

After cleansing my face in the morning, I like to follow up with the Ultra Hydrating Cream and give it a few minutes to absorb into my skin before applying foundation. This gives me time to do my eyes and brows, then go back to finishing my face. #multitasking for the win.

While both products can be used in your morning and nighttime skincare routines, you might be wondering what makes them different. They’re more than just a different shade of blue.

H2O+ Beauty Oasis Ultra Hydrating Cream

The Ultra Hydrating Cream is a lightweight cream-gel with illuminating pigments that help your skin glow. My dry skin peeps, this was made for you. Of course, people with other skin types can use this, as well. This moisturizer instantly boosts your skin’s hydration and relieves dry skin.

Key ingredients include

  • Water Lily Extract: conditions skin
  • Illuminating Pigments: adds a healthy glow to skin
  • Sea Grass Extract: enhances skin’s ability to retain moisture
  • Emollient Barrier Aesthigel: helps skin retain moisture after 24 hours of use

Retail price: $42

H2O+ Beauty Oasis Hydrating Treatment

The Hydrating Treatment has a gel-like consistency that is rapidly absorbing and feels cooling when applied to your skin. The sensation is SO nice and soothing. You have to try it for yourself. This moisturizer is a must-have for normal, oily, and combination skin.

Please note that if you use this product on someone else, they might fall in love with it as much as you did and want the whole jar to themselves. My boyfriend loved it so much that I gave him mine and bought another one for myself.

Key ingredients include

  • Emollient Barrier: helps skin retain moisture after 24 hours of use
  • Humectant Blend: hydrates skin immediately and continually
  • Sea Grass Extract: enhances skin’s ability to retain moisture
  • Water Lily Extract: conditions skin

Retail price: $38

H2O+ Beauty Trial Kits

I know some of you may be thinking,

“Shirin, I want to try these, but they’re too expensive for me!”

I totally get it. Skincare can be expensive, but I promise it’s worth it. For those of you who want to try out H2O+ on a budget, I highly recommend purchasing their $15 trial kits for products you’re interested in. That’s how I came to love their Oasis line. Plus, every trial kit comes with a promo code for $15 H2O+ Beauty Bucks to redeem on your next purchase. Talk about a great deal!

A post shared by Shirin (@queenshirin) on

My trial kit came with .34 Fl oz jars of the Hydrating Treatment and Ultra Hydrating Cream, as well as a 2 Fl oz bottle of the Elements Keep It Fresh Face Cleanser. The first time I tried them out was during my Miami trip back in March, and ever since then I’ve been taking them with me whenever I travel. I mean, they are the perfect travel size. The kit should last you about two weeks, seeing how I’ve used mine for about a week total of traveling and still have half the product remaining in the jars.

The trial kit I purchased is no longer available on their website, but they have other ones! Also, H2O+ frequently offers discount codes and giveaways, so definitely check on their website and socials.

Overall Thoughts: Recommend

Do you use any H2O+ Beauty products in your skincare routine? Would you try these moisturizers? Let me know in the comments below!

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Some of these products were gifted to me by H2O+ Beauty. This post is not sponsored. All opinions are honest and my own. Affiliate links are included in this post.

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