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Malibu Spa Day with Derma E #zeninthebu2

Derma E invited me to their #zeninthebu2 event in Malibu yesterday and of course, I said yes. A spa day by the beach? Count me in. I had such an amazing and relaxing time focusing on inner beauty while connecting with the Derma E team and fellow influencers.

In case you didn’t know, Derma E is a natural facial care brand with 100% vegan and cruelty-free products.

Upon arriving at the beach house, I was greeted by the lovely Derma E ladies and handed my activity card for the day. As I walked down the long, windy driveway to the entrance of the house, I was met with a breathtaking view of the calm Pacific ocean in the midst of beautiful greenery. After briefly exploring the property, finding and filming a stunning rooftop view, and getting to know some of the ladies at the event, I headed to my first scheduled activity, individual and personalized meditation.

Individual and Personalized Meditation

While I’ve tried (and failed) guided meditation via YouTube videos several times before, I would consider this my first time actually meditating and succeeding! My instructor started off by discussing three different meditation techniques for beginners: one for individually relaxing each muscle from head to toe, one for back tension, and the last one for overcoming challenges. While I experience tension in my back quite frequently, we decided to focus on boosting my confidence through the last technique. For those of you who don’t know, being in a new environment and talking to new people makes me uncomfortable. One of the reasons I was so excited to attend this event was because I knew it would put me out of my comfort zone and help me grow as a person.

Shoes off, I laid down on a white blanket and closed my eyes in a shady spot underneath a tree in a remote grassy hill off to the side of the middle of the long driveway. Throughout the meditation, my instructor listed positive affirmations pertaining to confidence, which I repeated in my head. I also envisioned myself being confident and talking to others at the event. Some other exercises included individually focusing on the external noises around me, then focusing on my own breath. I’m proud to say that by the end of the session, not only did I stay focused (for the most part) and present in the moment, but I also felt empowered to seize the day. I realized that my fear of talking to strangers is all in my head. All it took to shift my perspective was the simple act of reassuring myself that I could do it. For those of you who share my struggle, I highly recommend trying meditation and using positive affirmations! I will definitely make an effort to actively continue meditating.

Vegan Lunch

After my much needed internal boost session, I walked back down the hill for lunch. We had delicious vegan tacos aka lettuce wraps. I filled mine with vegan “meat” (I’m pretty sure it was some sort of spicy tofu), pickled cucumbers, quinoa, and a hint of ginger (I think…) sauce. I probably should’ve read the menu LOL whoops. Either way, it was yummy! I also had a small side of fruit for dessert that I actually used to wash down the spiciness while eating because your girl cannot handle spicy.

Rooftop Seaview Yoga

Right after lunch, it was time for an hour of rooftop seaview yoga led by Sarah from Grassroots Yoga. You know how you always see those fitness videos of instructors exercising on their yoga mats by the beach? Well, this was exactly like that except this time I was the one in front of a real ocean view instead of seeing it through my TV screen. The experience was surreal, heavenly, and calming. I hadn’t practiced yoga since college, so it was nice to get back into it. At the end of the practice, I found out that we got to keep our yoga mats to take home, which I was thrilled about because I’m heading to Washington next week to attend ABGT 250 (Above & Beyond Group Therapy 250) at The Gorge Amphitheater where they’re hosting a sunrise yoga event! *Spoiler: future vlog alert*

 Picture by  Madison Miller  Picture by Madison Miller

Braids, Tarot cards, and Henna

Later, I got my hair braided into two cute, half French braids by @Styles.With.Sarah. Let me tell you, that hairstyle was a lifesaver because Shirin + beach wind = hot mess. While I wasn’t scheduled to have a Tarot card reading, I was able to squeeze in a walk-in appointment during the spiritual advisor’s free time. This was my first time ever having Tarot cards read and it was interesting to say the least. I don’t particularly believe everything I was told as I tend to question information I am told in order to develop a well-rounded view on a subject, but I must admit her analysis of the cards were taught-provoking and made me ponder on the negatives and positives in my life. On the bright side, she mentioned I would start receiving more widespread recognition in my social media platforms in a year from now. I mean, hey, I’m fine with that.

I lounged poolside for a while, then managed to slide myself into another unscheduled appointment for henna. The last time I got a henna tattoo was in high school, so I was super excited to get it done again! I think henna is so beautiful and love that it’s temporary because I have commitment issues with permanent tattoos. I gave the artist freedom to freehand a design on my left hand and she came up with this gorgeous, detailed, floral inspired look. I love it! Check out my vlog below to see it for yourself.

Mermaids, Vegan Dinner, and Live Music

As golden hour emerged, two enchanting mermaids mesmerized us while flipping their shiny tails and gliding along the dazzling water in the pool. No, really. The water was glistening as if it had highlighter on. I even filmed it for the vlog. Shortly afterward, we were served a vegan eggplant burger for dinner. I topped mine with lettuce and some pesto sauce. Oh my, it was so delicious!! I’ve never had an eggplant burger before and now I want them incorporated into my diet. Seated outside, we were treated to live singing and guitar by @devinmcnichol during dinner. He played the Narcos theme song! I was like OMG. It was a cozy end to a wonderful day.

Show Me the Goods

Before leaving, we were given gift bags to take home along with the yoga mat and a Derma E “Stay Beautiful” towel. I know you all want to see what was inside, so let’s dive into it. Along with information about future Derma E events and a Prana (the generous brand that provided the yoga mats) booklet, I was gifted with Derma E’s

I am SO excited to try out these products! I have acne scars that I’ve been trying to get rid of, so I cannot wait to start using the Scar Gel.

I am so grateful for this experience and want to take a moment to thank the lovely Derma E team for inviting me, as well as all their hard work to put on #zeninthebu2 for us! You are all so kind and amazing!

Watch my #zeninthebu2 vlog for a peek into my day with Derma E!

Have you tried any Derma E products or are you interested in trying them out? Let me know in the comments!