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The Best $1 Vegan and Cruelty-Free Makeup Brushes

It can be overwhelming trying to find cruelty free makeup brands that offer brush sets. Shop Miss A, an online makeup store, has an AOA Studio line with the best $1 vegan and cruelty-free makeup brushes.

I use the Miss A AOA Studio 10-Piece Sculpting Brush Set which retails for only $10 and comes with a white, vegan, leather brush roll for free. Each brush comes out to $1. If you’re interested in specific brushes, they also sell brushes from this set in bundles of two for $2 and have other individual brushes for a dollar. So worth it!

From highlight and contour to eyeshadow, I’m able to do a full face of makeup using these brushes. You can see me use them in action in my Full Face $1 Cruelty-Free Makeup + Brushes video. Fun fact: I also try out a bunch of makeup from their AOA Studio line in that video, so watch until the end to find out which products were the best of Miss A.

The Brushes

In addition to being synthetic, the AOA Studio 10-Piece Sculpting Brush Set bristles are latex free, which means they’re hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Sensitive skin friendly? Check! Not only do they feel so soft and comfortable on my skin, but they also blend my makeup flawlessly.

The bristles are also plush and densely-packed to minimize shedding. I’ve been using this set for the past six months and I’ve yet to encounter any shedding. In other news, the white, wooden handles, silver ferrels, and black lettering are totally right up my alley.

Ok, I know quality and performance are most important when it comes to brushes, but this set is the total package. The brushes look so chic and aesthetically pleasing! I love that their brushes are named by “E” for “eyes” and “F” for “face” because it makes it so easy to know what you’re using at a glance, especially if you’re new to using makeup brushes. The handles for the face brushes are a bit thicker than I’m accustomed to, but I don’t mind it.

The vegan and cruelty-free brushes included in the set are:

  • E106: Small Stippling – for highlight and precise contouring 
  • E107: Small Wedge – for baking under the eyes and pressing in concealer
  • E108: Small Double Wedge – blending in corners of the face
  • E109: Small Angles Contour – clean lipline, highlight down the nose, fill in the hairline
  • E110: Small Chisel Contour – contour the sides of the nose
  • F6: Large Stippling – airbrushed foundation look, blend out contour 
  • F7: Large Wedge – baking and pressing foundation into the skin 
  • F8: Large Double Wedge – apply foundation from sheer to full coverage
  • F9: Large Curved Contour – contour cheekbones, jawline, and highlight top of cheeks
  • F10: Large Chisel Contour – strong contour on hollows of cheeks and forehead


When I first opened the brush roll, there was a slight plastic smell from the packaging, but it quickly went away after being left to air out. Of course, always make sure to wash your brushes before first use no matter where you get them from and regardless of packaging. The AOA Studio brushes are easy to clean. I still use this technique to wash my makeup brushes.

Would you try these vegan + cruelty-free $1 makeup brushes from Miss A? Let me know in the comments!

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    I love that the brushes are vegan and affordable.

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      Same! They’re such a great deal!

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    I must say I’m loving the cruelty free trend. I can’t honestly admit that I’ve never owned a full set of makeup brushes but I’m looking into purchasing a set for myself. My daughter is 6 and starting to develop an interest in makeup so I might get them for her to start with! They look so pretty in the photos!

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      Yes, I love how the beauty industry is shifting toward becoming more cruelty-free! I like that it’s becoming more of a standard than a trend. This brush set would be so nice for your daughter! I’m sure she’d love them.

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