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Ultimate Guide: Drunk Elephant The Trunk 3.0

Drunk Elephant gifted me The Trunk 3.0.

Drunk Elephant’s The Trunk 3.0, a skincare fridge filled with ten full-size products, is the holiday 2019 set of my dreams. This kit is limited edition and a wonderful value.

Some of you may be asking yourselves, “What is Drunk Elephant’s The Trunk?” Each year, Drunk Elephant launches limited edition holiday sets, one of which is the Shelf Respect Day Shelfie that I wrote about a few weeks ago. The Trunk is the crème de la crème of their holiday collections, which comes with all full-size products whereas their smaller holiday sets include a combination of full-size, midi, or mini products.

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Drunk Elephant The Trunk 3.0

Release Date: October 16 at Sephora +

Price: $450.00 ($646.00 value)

*Orders will ship out on 10/16. The fridge is a gift with purchase and not included in the monetary value of The Trunk 3.0, as the price is based on the 10 products.

What is in The Trunk 3.0? This skincare fridge includes two boxes filled with the following full-size products and a bag of deluxe samples.

This is not your ordinary beauty fridge. Drunk Elephant’s fridge is branded, featuring their logo in neon orange on the side of the fridge, has a handle at the top, and a hot and cold option. At first, I thought to myself, “Why would I ever use a hot setting?” Then, these two words that define the level of extra I aspire to attain came to mind: hot towels. Ladies and gentlemen, consider the skincare game changed! Imagine warming up some towels for an at-home spa session on a Sunday Sukari Babyfacial night. I am so here for it.

Seeing as this holiday set contains all full size products and is a commitment, I think The Trunk 3.0 is perfect for those of you who are fellow Drunk Elephant fans who have tried and love the products. For those of you who are new to the brand and want to try their products or simply want a restock of specific products, I think their smaller holiday sets, like Shelf Respect, are fantastic options. Either way, their holiday sets are a wonderful value as buying each product individually would cost way more.

Other Drunk Elephant Holiday 2019 Sets

As a heads up, these holiday sets are limited edition, so if you want that skincare fridge, take advantage of The Trunk 3.0 while it’s available. A lot of people asked me where I got my neon acrylic case from throughout the past year and it was from The Trunk 2.0. It made me sad to keep informing people who were excited about the case that it was no longer available. I don’t want those of you who are interested in the fridge to miss out, so I’m just letting you know.

Watch my Drunk Elephant The Trunk 3.0 unboxing below to get a closer look at the fridge and products!

Will you be purchasing any Drunk Elephant holiday 2019 kits? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Michelle Edmundson

    Yes, yes, and more yes. I’ve preordered mine! This will be my third trunk… the acrylic case was lovely but not super functional for me so I ended up selling it. But this fridge I can GET BEHIND! Love me some DE!

    1. Queen Shirin

      So exciting! You’re going to love the fridge, Michelle!

      xo Shirin

  2. Cathy

    Hi, I’m interested in purchasing this as a gift to ship overseas. Curious to know how big the box is and total weight to ship. Any insight would be helpful. Thank you in advance!

  3. Pam

    Random question…do you have to use the fridge for skincare? Can it be used to store perishables?

  4. Janica Espineli

    How long did the fridge get cold as soon as you turned it on? Mine is just warm with both hot and cold setting I am wondering if I should wait longer.

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