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2020 Holiday Gift Guide

This 2020 holiday gift guide features ideas for the beauty and fashion lovers, as well as homebodies in your life. I know it can be tricky shopping for gifts, so I hope these lists help you or spark gift ideas!

For my super last-minute shoppers (trust me, I’ve been there), I also created an Amazon holiday gift guide. Check it out here.

Gifts for the Beauty Lover

Shop my favorite gift sets and products for makeup, skincare, hair, and perfume.

Gifts for the Fashion Lover

Express your inner fashionista with clothes, jewelry, and purses.

Gifts for the Homebodies

Bring on the cozy vibes with candles, throws, and more to help you relax.

While I love gift-giving and seeing my loved one’s reactions when they open their presents, I think it is also important to remember a big lesson that 2020 has reminded us: the most precious gifts of all are having our health and each other. Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday season!